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Ruby Somera

Founder, Ruby Somera Design Studio


I wanted to use videography as a way to connect to my ideal audience in a way that was informative, but also brief and compelling. I wanted it to feel authentic, but it also needed to be aligned with my brand. I just didn't know where to begin or what it should look like. When I spoke to Tyler about what I wanted and needed for my brand he helped me to flesh out ideas that would communicate my vision both visually and verbally. I was amazed when Tyler delivered the final video to me. It was everything that I wanted - it showed my audience what it would look and feel like to work together. It was beautifully produced and captured the essence of my brand. I continue to use Tyler's videography services as a way to reach and engage with my ideal audience. Tyler is a gifted videographer who is brilliant with visual storytelling. I highly recommend using his service if you want to create a video that is compelling, meaningful, and on brand.

Aimée Jacobson

Founder, InclineRx®


Tyler Hawthorn is an artist. An adept, empathic absorber of information and situations. He reads people well. Watches. Listens. Thinks. Cares. And then makes a video. I wondered through the process what was happening in that creative mind of his. Next time I hire him, I will simply let go and look confidently forward to seeing what he creates. 

Heather Townsend

Founder, Townsend Financial, LLC


I wanted to create a video for my website that showed my personality and explained what I did, but didn't know where to start or what I was going to say. I didn't even try until I found Tyler. The experience was very comprehensive and hands on. It was actually fun! He helped with script writing, shooting locations, wardrobe, figuring out the target audience and wanted outcome to create a video I am so very proud of.

My clients were sharing the video and saying how proud they were!

Kristine Nguyen

Co-founder, Cashvue


We needed a video to market our business and had no idea what we were doing. It was the first time we've decided to pursue creating a video, so we were very new to the "right" processes needed to complete something like this. Tyler went out of his way to meet our needs, rescheduled whenever we needed it, and completed this project on the tight deadline that we had. He was crazy supportive every step of the way! We received a lot of really positive feedback on the video. It made our business and team look a lot more professional and put together. He helped us realize the power of videography.

This medium is something that we will continue to tap into more in order to further develop our brand and image.

Becky Moore

LMP, Intuitive Healer


I just wanted to explain what I do in a way people will understand. I never made a video before but it seemed like a great way to introduce myself. I really liked that they wrote out the script as I find it is really hard for me to explain what I do succinctly. I love knowing that the video is there for the people who need an explanation of my services. The finished video was a wonderfully artistic expression.

Let's collaborate!

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